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I was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I've always had a passion for the beauty industry, and ventured into hair at an early age. I graduated from a Paul Mitchell school in January 2013, and have been behind the chair ever since! I was so blessed to be hired right out of school at a salon where I received amazing mentoring, worked with so many different clients, and fine tuned my skills. I worked day and night in the salon, supporting myself and addicted to perfecting my craft. Not to mention I was surrounded by so many helpful, talented and kind fellow stylists who created an expansion in my cosmetology knowledge and pushed my creativity to levels I didn't even know existed! Next time you're in my chair, feel free to ask me one of my many stories! I bet you will be surprised with the diversity of experiences I've had over the years!


In October of 2015 I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I have been able to experience even more opportunities in the beauty industry and have continued to expand my clientele. Vegas is crazy, and I love it.


My portfolio has developed over many years; I specialize in color, shaping, and hair maintenance, as well as passionate and educated on skin chemistry and care. Over these years I have seen it all - nothing surprises me! The name of my game is healthy beauty. I will never push harsh chemicals and haphazard methods to your hair or skin. If you want quick results that might mess you up in the long term, I'm not your girl. I'm realistic with every client and (in true East Coaster fashion) will tell you exactly "what it is" to achieve your beauty goals in the safest and healthiest way. We're a team and in this for the long game. Translation... drink your water, sis. Let's do this.

My clients are like family to me. My chair goes way beyond just hair. I value you, your time, your mental well being and what's happening in your life. There is nothing more important to me than making sure that your desired style not only helps you look good, but makes you feel good. I'm here to refuel your energy and enhance the beauty you already possess! If you don't love it, we are not finished!

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