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Welcome! I am so excited to help all your hair and skin dreams come true! Before we get you in for a service or start a new beauty routine, all new clients must schedule a consultation with me. After you submit your request, you'll receive a welcome message with details to ensure your first visit is seamless. I'll double check that the date, time, and service makes the most sense for your hair or skin needs, and we will make it a date! 


For your hair consultation...

If you've scheduled a hair consultation or service with me, you will come to Icon Salon, in Summerlin, NV. There is parking in the front lot, and wrapping all around the building! For reference, there is a Buffalo Wild Wings and Cafe Lola in the same parking lot! Enter Icon Salon, where you have a choice between stairs or an elevator. We are on the second floor. Head to the front desk and ask for Renee! I'll be right out to greet you. 

For your skin consultation...

If you've scheduled a skin consultation or service with me, you will pull up to Excellyon Salon, Suite 100. This is where I do all my esthetician work. Once you make your way inside and check in with our adorable front desk girls, we will get you in my chair and take a look at your skin needs. 

For all my services...

​​You should know that I am all about longterm self care and beauty. Everyone has a different vision and goal for their hair or skin. It's my job to help you achieve that! We will review the products you currently use, formulate a routine moving forward (for yourself at home and how often to visit me), and answer any questions you may have.


A consultation is required in order to book with me moving forward. Often, I hold a consultation with my new client before the first service, then immediately move on to the service in one appointment!



Do you have any questions?

No problem at all. Feel free to contact me

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